5 Fashion trends you need to follow this summer

Fashion trends for this summer are all about being vibrant, colorful and bold. The key to looking your best this summer is your confidence and brightness. We’ve gathered top 6 fashion trends that will make your on the fashion A-list and your Instagram feed pop. Here are all the trends you should get your hands on this summer.

White on White

This may sound hideous to some, but the white on white ensemble is really in for the summer. It doesn’t matter what shape and size you are, the key element for rocking this trend is confidence. Your silhouette should be fitting crisp and clean in order for your to ace that look.

The yellow sunshine

From runways to celebrities, we’ve seen everyone rocking yellow this year. It’s the color for summer 2018. It represents the sun rays with its brightness and boldness and that’s the theme for the year. Yellow can be really versatile as you can wear it as a dress, blouse or even just as a bag the options are endless.


As Barney Stinson once said “I don’t think I can make it another 8 months with no sundresses”. Sundresses are in for the summer again. You can rock it boldly with a bright print or just wear it simply with cute little accessories.


Hats have always been in but people have been really hesitant to incorporate them into their daily wardrobe. The hat can elevate any basic outfit by amplifying your look in a whole new avant-garde level. This summer you should search for the perfect hat and make it your own thing.

Straw bags

From Gucci to Kate Spade, Straw bags have proven they’re the season’s bag. Straw bags are the perfect must-have accessory as they can go with your every summer outfits.  So ditch your conventional leather bags and opt for a cute mini straw bag!


So tell us which trends will you adopt and which ones will you pass this summer?