The Longest Lunar Eclipse in the 21st Century is Set to Take Place Tomorrow

On the 27th of July 2018, the world will witness the longest total lunar eclipse in the century! Here’s a quick explanation;

A total lunar eclipse happens when the earth,moon and sun are linear. But, what makes tomorrow special is that the moon will pass through the center of the earth shadow, which haven’t occurred since 2011.

What makes the moon turns bloody red is the Earth’s shadow. To make things clearer, when the sun sets it looks red and sky looks like a beautiful canvas of red, orange and yellow. That’s exactly what makes the moon turns red. As it passes through the Earth’s shadow, gradually the sunlight deflects through the Earth’s atmosphere, and falls on the moon’s surface. The red tone depends on the atmosphere, and so the phenomenon is called blood moon.

The animation shows the changes of the moon’s surface as it passes through the Earth’s shadow(the grey region).

What makes lunar eclipse more enjoyable than solar eclipse is that you don’t need special glasses to watch the it, there’s no danger unlike the solar eclipse which may causes damages to your eyes.

Tomorrow the total eclipse will last for 1 hr 42 min and 57 sec, and the partial eclipse will last for more than 3 hrs.

Get yourself ready for one of the most charming phenomena, tomorrow at 8:24 pm the partial eclipse begins and at 9:30 pm the total eclipse begins, and the phenomena to end at 12:19 am according to Cairo timing.