#GoingSuccessful: The Curlyhead PR Queen, Working Mother, and Boss Lady, Daliah Galal

Credits: Unknown

Back in 2017, we published our very first #GoingSuccessful article. And today, we decided to turn that into a series of articles highlighting some of the most successful people in every field with the sole purpose of motivating our readers and proving that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Daliah Galal is known by almost every person in the marketing and PR field as the nicest boss. Today, she runs her own company which happens to be one of the leading agencies in this industry, The Carousel World. She’s also the manager of Sharmoofers, Disco Misr and her own husband, Marwan Younis. The Carousel World was also the agency responsible for the PR in the hit collab between Abu and Yousra, Talat Da’aat. They were the ones responsible for Emaar’s campaign, The Greek is Here, Sharmoofer’s killer Anest w Sharmaft webisodes and more!

Seems big, right? But it wasn’t that easy. Daliah Galal was born in Aswan to Nubian parents, she later moved to Cairo and graduated from the AUC. For years, Daliah worked in some of the best agencies and magazines in the middle east. She started her career at Enigma magazine and spent quite some time there until she became the managing directorm, and the editor editor-in-chief in Enigma Star. Later, she worked in BIG production, moved to MO4 and formed a band named Carousel where she met Marwan Younis, her hubby and our favorite comedian.

If you follow Daliah on social media, you’ll see the hectic life this lady leads. Her days are often filled with meetings, events, concerts and things that seem fun, but are definitely crazy hard to manage. With all of that going on, we need to mention that Daliah is a mother of TWO! Wanna know how she manages to do that? The answer is undying passion and a supportive husband.

Back in March, we talked to both Marwan and Daliah during Entreprenelle’s She Can event. The couple stated that the key to success is that both partners in a relationship need to support each other, to push one another forward instead of hindering their success and to do all of this equally. They also stressed that reaching that is not easy, it requires understanding and tolerance, yet, it’s very rewarding.

There you have it, the success story of one of Egypt’s brightest bosses. Tell us who do you want to see next on Going Successful!