Packing for Sahel: 10 items you must have with you

Who doesn’t feel like they need to ship their whole wardrobe whenever it’s time to pack?! Packing is always a hassle, especially in the summer when you feel like you need to grab the essentials and still follow the trends so you don’t look plain old fashioned on the beach.

In order to save you, we gathered a list of 10 items that will help you in your packing mission this summer!

1- Patterned pants

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Those flowy patterned pants are light and colorful making them perfect for the summer. In addition to their modesty that makes them a priority for hijabis!

2- A pair of white sneakers

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They go with everything!

3- A pair of trendy shades

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Whether it’s one of the new bizarre shapes or even the old aviators that never go out of style; summer = sun = sunglasses.

4- Flip flops

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Make sure you pack more than a pair, trust me you’ll need them!

5- D.E.N.I.M

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Shorts, pants, jacket or dress; a denim item is a must have in every girl’s summer closet.

6- Swimsuits

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Well, you can’t forget those!
Fashion tip: Off shoulder swimsuits are the hit this summer!

7- Big tote bags

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You can choose between straw bags, cloth, leather or even plastic, but a tote bag is an absolute summer essential, for the beach or for a night out.

8- Mini cool pouch

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You don’t want to lose your stuff inside your huge tote bag! Bring a small pouch for small gadgets and meds (make sure you don’t forget some pain killers or aspirin).

9- Maxi dresses

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You can style them with denim jackets or as cover ups for swimsuits and they are yet another priority for hijabis in the summer.

10- Rompers!

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Last but not least, that’s one of the most highlighted fashion trends this summer. Choose between a floral or stripped romper and your own preference in sleeves.

Now zip up those bags, it’s Sahel time and you are good to go!