The 90s’ Classic Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Is Officially Getting A Reboot

Who of us can forget one of the most iconic series that ever aired; it haunted us in our nightmares, and before Twilight set the goals for the forbidden love between humans and immortals. With its bad-ass female lead, amazing story-line, and an outstanding performance from the cast, Buffy was and still to this day one of the most popular TV series.
Now, two decades after the release of the first episode of our favorite vampire series, we are excited to announce that Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was officially given the green light for its reboot. However, the new series will have a more diverse aspect you can say, as rumors are that a black actress will take on the iconic role of Buffy played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Original series creator Joss Whedon is onboard as the executive producer, and with the writer, Monica Owusu-Breen to write the script.
Fans are taking sides in their opinions about the reboot, some saying that a classic like this series should not be touched or ruined by a remake, while others said that they would love to see a more modern remake, with its diverse cast, and today’s modern technology.
Are you with or against this reboot, tell us in the comments section!