Oran Arabic international film festival to pay a Memoriam tribute to Shadia

Oran Arabic international film festival has recently announced the honor list of the 11th edition of the festival. The festival will pay a tribute to the iconic Egyptian actress and singer Shadia. The festival will be held from July 25th to July 31st in Oran, Algeria.

Shadia, who passed away on November of the former year at the age of 86, has left a great legacy of over 100 movies and hundreds of singles in her career. She starred alongside famous actors from Kamal El shennawy, Farid El Atrash to AbdelHalim Hafez. She was always known for her bubbly and cheeky personality in her roles such as “El Zouga Raqam 13” (Wife number 13) and “Meraty Modeer Aam” (My wife the general manager). However, she was able to prove her brilliance in sincere roles as “El Tareeq” (the road) and “Al Maraa Al Maghoula” (The Unknown Woman).

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Shadia was entitled as “Ma’boudet El Gamaheer” (Idol of the Masses) upon her role in the acclaimed film. Her music also acquainted her with the title of the “Golden Guitar” as legacy remains as a landmark in Arabic music Industry. Shadia’s patriotic songs were the anthem of Egypt during war and hard times and they remained so. “Ya Habibti ya Masr” (Oh Egypt, My Beloved) became the anthem for the Egyptian Revolution back in 2011.

Shadia’s retirement came upon her role in “La Tas’alni Man Ana” (Don’t Ask me Who I am) in 1986, where she decided to wear hijab and seclude herself from media and dedicate herself to serve orphans and her nephews.

Shadia will forever resonate with us her art has shined through ages and times. May her soul rest in peace.