The Amazing Detective -Slash- Genius; Jake Peralta.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a five season American comedy cop TV show firstly aired on Fox on September 17, 2013. The show’s creators; Michael Schur and Daniel J. Goor could set apart a very relatable protagonist for all of us; Detective Jake Peralta.

Going Deep Into Jake Peralta’s character. 

1. Jake Peralta is atrocious with money.

Jake Peralta who’s known as Detective Right-All-the-Time is a very complex mix of immaturity, carefree lifestyle and is surprisingly so affectionate about his work. Peralta’s almost not always aware of life’s basic needs sometimes that he doesn’t know how to deal with money. For those who watched the show, we know Jake is always in crippling debt that it cost him his apartment. In episode 13 of season 2; Detective Jake Peralta owed Sargent Terry Jeffords a few thousand dollars and owed the whole squad a total of $8,000. He repaid his debts by washing Rosa’s motorcycle, giving Scully a back massage, calling Gina’s family to tell them she’s dead and washing Boyle’s humping dogs. He obviously didn’t repay them any money.

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2. Jake Peralta is sarcastic but values his relationships with his colleagues.    

Jake Peralta’s relationship with Captain Raymond Holt explains everything about this. Jake had been doing impressions of Captain Holt since Holt’s first day in the precinct, but on the other hand, the show exhibits how Jake and Holt’s relationship grew to be what Jake calls ‘homies’.

The complete annoyance between Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago might be confusing for some of the B99 fans, but in fact Jake loved Santiago as much as he annoyed her. Amy was Jake’s partner for most cases, his favorite colleague and later in the season 5 finale his beloved wife.

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Talking about valuing a friendship, we should never skip Charles Boyle; Jake Peralta’s best friend. Jake’s fun-loving personality made fun of Boyle on occasions, but the most remarkable thing about them is the No-Look-High-Five, Boyle obsessing over the Jake Peralta-Amy Santiago relationship and Jake being Charles’ best man when he wed Vivian.

3. Jake Peralta has a competent and challenging work ethic. 

Jake always loved to be the winner. It actually didn’t matter so much for him what the challenge was about; If there’s a challenge, Jake must win.

First, the challenge between him and Detective Santiago about who catches more ‘perps’ in a calendar year. If he wins, they go out on a date, otherwise she gets to take Jake’s car.

Jake and Captain Holt’s Halloween challenge; Jake has to prepare a heist to steal something valuable from Holt’s office. Jake wanted to do whatever it takes to win, so he persuaded the whole squad to team up with him against the Captain.

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Jake loved solving cases that were unsolved long time ago, he always loved to go undercover by himself. Peralta was always the most eager about winning whenever the Nine-Nine was invited to challenging games against other precincts, and also not to forget the Jimmy Jab games every year.

It makes sense that a detective who’s very affectionate about his work for the NYPD is of a winner mentality. His rage towards The Vulture is a living proof that this cop loves his work at the Nine-Nine precinct and only loves to win.

4. Jake Peralta is aware of his flaws. 

Michael Schur and Daniel J. Goor did a very good job writing Jake’s character. In fact, most sitcoms write characters that are in denial of their flaws. Jake is aware of his. He is aware that he’s a mess sometimes and works on improving himself. The creators made Jake Peralta look like a real human not just a TV show character. His flaws were not just for comedy, they were relatable because they were real and common.

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Peralta is one of very few TV show characters that are very well written. He was the cornerstone of the overwhelming success of the show. Brooklyn Nine-Nine officially announced the launching of a sixth season in early 2019.

For those who watched the show, we all know Jake Peralta is not smart, he is ‘smort’ and the Nine-Nine would be a less fun and a less effective precinct without him.