Three things to help a loved one dealing with anxiety

Every generation has its own curse, and maybe ours is mental health problems. It’s shocking to read the numbers at the mental health statistics. For example, In 2013 .. there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety in the UK. Only the UK!

Most of the percentage is young people from 18 to 25. So, it’s clear that if anxiety didn’t knock on your door, it would be paying a visit to someone you know: a friend, perhaps.

Well, these are three pillars to summon up what you can offer to help:

  1. Awareness: We all use Google to ask for whatever that’s on our minds. Why not use to know more about anxiety? .. There are plenty of websites discussing everything about it, from origin, symptoms, types to even diagnosis and treatment. For starters, you may want to check this guide made on its website through panic and anxiety.

2. Support: Not in the usual ” How are you, today ? ” and that’s it. Be yourself that you make it easy on them to call whenever they need to back them up. Be flexible whenever they reschedule or cancel an outing. Forgive them for the times they can totally irritable and you have no idea why. Your actions can loudly express the “I’m here for you” statement you’re trying to make.


  1. Space: Again, you’ve read it all about it, true. But you’re the person who’s struggling. Therefore, try to be understanding and considerate by giving him/her the space he/she needs in that time. This could be really helpful.


In the end, we must remember that anxiety is a condition that’s controllable if the person had those three pillars to help. Let’s be generous with our struggling beloved ones.