5 recommendations for your next breakfast date in Cairo!

Have you ever thought about going on breakfast dates instead of ordinary lunch ones? There’re so many pros to go out for breakfast whether with your friends, family or partner. You’ve the entire day ahead of you, plus you would be more active and fresher than usual specially since we’re in Summer! You’d not miss the morning breeze and the birds chirp, and since we don’t want you to miss this great atmosphere, we’ve gathered 5 spots in Cairo to enjoy your breakfast!

1.Sophia’s Garden:

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The place is so light and bright that matches with morning vibes. The white color for interior design adds a calming cozy feeling you would enjoy. Their menu is so satisfying either if you go sweet or savory. New Cairo residents you should definitely go and pay a visit!

2. Lucille’s:

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If you’re a fan of the American kitchen, this place is for you. They offer a big variety of egg dishes for a tasty breakfast. Or, you can go for pancakes, waffles or french toasts. What makes Lucille’s special is their flexible menu, you order original dishes or you can add elements together the way you want, an extra egg or two pancakes maybe?
If you live in Maadi go try Lucille’s now!

3. Eish+Malh:

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In the heart of Downtown, the Italian restaurant Eish+Malh is located. The place is so comfy and cozy. You’d fall in love with the big red windows and simple murals. Their breakfast is unique, where you can find baked eggs and breakfast pizzas. Also, Eish+Malh presents sometimes live music to enjoy with your meal. Eish+Malh is a totally must try!

4.Fika Swedish Coffee Break:

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Fika Swedish Coffee Break has so many features anyone could ask for in the morning; great helpful stuff, quiet place and calm atmosphere. Head to Zamalek or Tivoli Zayed and enjoy their delicious dishes. They took omelette and scrambled eggs to a whole new level by adding fresh new ingredients. Also, they serve quesadillas with various fillings -the quesadillas are tortillas filled and grilled.

 5.Angie’s Place:

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A place where only breakfast dishes are served which is a perfect option for everyone, specially if you’re not a morning person and you can’t make it to breakfast hours. If you’re a pancakes lover this is definitely your place! Also, they serve waffles, crepe and french toast. Talking about waffles, have you ever tried pizza waffles before? I bet you didn’t if you’ve never been to Angie’s place. They have one branch in New Cairo- 5th settlement.