The Opening Of The New El-Alamin Hotel In North Coast

Yesterday was the opening of the new El-Alamin hotel in North Coast by Dr. Rania El-Mshat, the minister of tourism, with Mohamed ElAbbar, the CEO of Emaar Properties, after its modernization and development on the hands of Emaar Hospitality Group LLC, that is entirely affiliated to Emaar Properties, in the context of the interest of the ministry in the North Coast and El-Alamin as one of promising touristic places in Egypt.

Minister Rania pointed that joining the opening of the hotel lies within the interests of the minister encouraging the private sector to invest in the North Coast and El-Alamin area, while offering this hotel as an evidence of the growing Arab investment in Egypt.

Dr. Rania stressed in the importance of the new El-Alamin city, saying that it would be a residential city, touristic in its entirety, while pointing on how easy it is to reach it through land, as well as 3 airports, namely; Borg El-Arab, El-Alamin, and Marsa Matrouh.

It is worthy to mention that the new El-Alamin hotel was built almost 50 years ago, and that it was developed by Emaar Hospitality Group LLC with a total amount of investments that reached EGP 1.5B. In addition, the minister of tourism sent committees from the hotels sector to hold necessary consultations and continue the development and modernization while assuring all safety and health regulations are applied.


Emaar is considered one of the biggest Arabic firms that invest in Egypt, with a total of investments in North Coast of almost EGP 48B. The new El-Alamin hotel is one of seven hotels evaluated and run by Emaar Hospitality Group LLC, with a total of EGP 8B investments.


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