The Endless Struggle With Exercising: Sports or Gym?

Imagine with me: you’re lying on your couch watching TV when you suddenly say to yourself, “why am I wasting my time? I could invest my time in energy in something way better than this”.

You decide you want to become productive and energetic, and that you want to have an athletic body (probably lose the belly fat first though). You decide you should start exercising, but that begs the question: “should I play a sport, or should I workout at the gym? What would be better for me?”

There might not really be one right answer for that question as we all have different bodies, different lifestyles and most importantly, each one of us has different hopes of how we want to look like and what we want to gain from exercising. With all of that in mind, we made a quick guide regarding the different aspects of the ultimate mystery: Sports or Gym


According to studies, giving your body a routine and exercising at the same time every day can actually boost the exercise benefits and help achieve better results. But of course not everyone is so flexible with their time and a lot of us may face a lot of trouble squeezing a fixed time for exercising in our schedules. So if you’re a busy person who cannot balance your time between work and exercising, the gym might be the right choice for you where you are free to go whenever you’re free.


This one is kinda obvious actually. While playing a sport may not be free, it’s definitely cheaper than joining a good gym. The price of a gym membership has increased significantly in the past few years, so it may not be suitable for everyone. So if you’re someone on a budget, you may want to check sports’ subscription at your club. Of course you may also prefer the cheaper alternative and go exercising in the street. I mean, it’s free right?


Let’s face it, not everyone is a social butterfly. While some of us may choose sports – especially team sports – for the great opportunities they give us to meet new people and socialize well with others, some of us prefer getting straight to the point. For those who want to just go break a sweat, get ripped and go home without interacting with anyone, the gym might be the smarter option.

Body benefits

Ok so this one is tricky. When you think of exercising, what do you believe is your main goal that you wish to achieve? Are you a fitness person or a bodybuilding type? While both sports and gyms can easily help you start a healthy lifestyle, sports are less likely to get you bulked but more likely to improve your body as a whole. Playing sports is an effective way to become fit and get a body that is strong from the core.

A bodybuilder however wouldn’t think twice about hitting the gym. Working out in the gym will probably help you get into great shape and have amazing looking muscles. You will most likely be focusing on each group of muscles on their own, meaning that you’ll probably have bigger muscles with a lot of strength in them.

In conclusion, there is not one right way to exercise. The most important thing is for you to know which kind fits you the most, and for you to know how to get the most out of your workout.

Now you leave us a comment and tell us, sports or gym?