Netflix Releases a BOOK of its Latest Campaign, Alf Hala’a w Hala’a

Ramadan has ended, but its stories still haven’t! This month was full of different campaign; memorable songs, hilarious ones, and ones that broke our hearts into ten million pieces, just like every year. What’s different was that Netflix decided to join the race with its own campaign.

Alf Hala’a w Hala’a was a mini series of webisodes written and narrated by Bakri Khaled and acted by Sarrah Abdelrahman. For 30 days, the duo followed the famous storyline of Alf Leila w Leila, and somehow, they merged the stories Shahrazad said every night and some of the best Netflix originals.

The campaign gained wide success among social media users, and hence, Netflix threw another bomb when it turned into an actual short story book! So basically, Bakri Khaled slept one night as a scriptwriter and he woke up to find himself a book author as well.

The book is only released to be sent to Netflix’s media partners and some public figures. However, we can only hope that Netflix decides that a mass production of this masterpiece is a good idea.

It’s worth mentioning that Bakri also contributed in El Waseya this Ramadan with Akram Hosny and Ahmed Amin, and even though he only appeared in a couple of episodes, he left almost everyone wishing that he’d get his own series next Ramadan.

Just send us a copy of the book already, Netflix!