Egypt Adds New Restrictions to Concerts and Festivals’ Organizers

Organizing a concert in Egypt has never been an easy mission, and apparently it’s going to get harder and harder every day. A new law has lately been issued by the prime minister that makes the whole process of getting the necessary papers for holding a concert more complicated than ever.

According to Middle East Underground, one of the leading pages on facebook that specializes in all matters concerning the underground scene in the Arab world, the law states that a new board is to be formed which will be headed by the minister of culture and will include representatives from 9 different ministries. The board will be responsible for giving permissions to the organizers for each concert and the concerts have to be approved by each representative separately. After that, each concert has to be approved by the minister of culture, and he has full authority to reject any concert or festival without giving any clear reasons. All details are here.


The board also has the authority to intervene with every little detail of the concert or the festival; so that means they get to make any changes that they want even if that means changing how the organizers picture their event. And to make things even worse, the organizing company has to have a capital worth at least 500k, meaning that new and young organizers will not be a thing anymore.

That is not the first time the government has made organizing an event a living hell, and we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last. The only real questions are: what will the future hold for the entertainment scene in Egypt, how will these laws affect the lives of musicians, entertainers and organizers, and more importantly, what’s next?

On the other hand, the Culture Minister, Inas Abdel Dayem, has confirmed that the role of the ministry will be a regulating rather than restricting one in an interview with Al Youm Al Sabe3 and that organizers and artists shouldn’t panic.


Now we can only hope no more restrictions will be made anytime soon.