The “Real man” Concept And The Truth About Gender Stereotypes Among Males

Throughout history guys were confined by set of rules that they have to abide by just be called “Real men”. But what does manhood actually represent? Does it represent the normalization of one in four think that street harassment is not serious? Does it represent the belief that one in six think that women should know their place?

From early stages of life boys are always given the burden of you should act like a “Real man”. Unfortunately, people have lost the real meaning of the word over the course of time. They were told that the secret to manhood is to be violent, aggressive, insensible and unemotional. You shouldn’t cry because it makes you less of a man. You should hit that woman so she could be submissive to your power. “She was wearing something that made me harass her” is one among other stereotypes guys follow just because it’s the norm.

Moreover, with time that gained power is built upon fragile concrete. However, this fragility could be easily exposed once an incident happens that’s contrary to what they believe. For instance, a recent meme surfed around the internet about a female reporter and a player who was shorter than the reporter. The player stood on a bucket just to fulfill the stereotype of that a man should be taller than a woman!

In the era of women empowerment, guys should be given the chance for self-expression and vulnerability. Men shouldn’t be given the burden of acting like a stone through emotional wrecks until these emotions bottle up to a nervous breakdown or even a long time serious illness. Maybe, if they’re given the chance for a better understanding of the concept of a “real man” they could become better fathers, husbands, brothers or even better strangers on the street. Maybe the “real man” concept means to be open to every emotion that has ever existed.