Going Deep Into Kylie Jenner’s “America’s Women Billionaires” Forbes’ Cover

Earlier this week Forbes’ Magazine revealed the cover of its “America’s Women Billionaires” issue. And it had Kylie Jenner on it, stating that Kylie is the youngest billionaire in the world with a net worth that’s over $900 million. Kylie, who’s the youngest sibling of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, is the family member earing the most each year.
Kylie who’s an American television personality, model, and entrepreneur made her debut in the E! Reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians back in 2007 when she was only 10, and now 11 years later Kylie is the CEO of her own company Kylie Cosmetics, rising up to over 100 million followers on Instagram and the star of her own reality TV Series Life of Kylie which premiered on E! back in 2017
Now the internet has been buzzing, there has been a lot of controversy since the cover release, people speaking their minds about Forbes‘ calling Jennerself-made”, stating that if it weren’t for her family’s fame, popularity, and their reality show she would have been struggling and working harder to boost her business just like a normal person would do.
On the other hand, other people on the internet have taken a different comeback you can say to the cover reveal. A fan of Kylie has gone into Twitter; calling people to donate money and to collect that last $100 million and get this, people are actually donating. A GoFundMe campaign is raising money to help Jenner become the world’s youngest billionaire, and the amount of money is increasing by the minute.
This isn’t the first time the Kylie have sparked controversy, in 2014/2015 Time Magazine listed down the names of the most influential teens in the world, and Kylie alongside her sister Kendall made the list.