4 Ways to Beat the Heat Wave

Pretty sure we’re all aware of the global warming phenomena and all, but no one warned us that there is a what-seems-to-be-unbeatable heatwave taking over our summer! We’re only mid-July, the ACs aren’t defeating the boiling weather, and our parents won’t stop freaking out about the electricity bills. The heat is draining, I know, but we can’t let the summer go by without “supposedly” living the best times of our lives (or trying to at least). So I thought of a few ways to embrace the heat, sweat and tan lines:


Sometimes, all we need is something refreshing to eat\drink to help make our insides less warm and more cold. An ice lolly would do that trick! And you don’t need to leave the comfort of our own home since you can easily make some homemade ones.


Who doesn’t like picnics? No one ever, I think. All we need to do is find a good spot (preferably a picturesque place for the sake of instagram stories), and some fun outdoor activities. I suggest wearing the lightest clothes ever, get some fresh fruit and icy cold drinks, and call your favorite people to tag along unless you wanna enjoy some alone time… in that case pick a feel-good book instead.


I can’t deny that exploring a new place and walking around in the summer isn’t the best time for it, but staying at home under the AC isn’t the way to do summer either. Plus, I think the excitement and adrenaline rush of a new place will take over you and make it worthwhile. And as your mini-adventure comes to an end, treat yourself with a quick drink or dessert at the nearest café you come across. You’d be discovering two new things in the same day; who knows, it may possibly be one of your summer highlights if not life!


There is no better way to defy the heat other than jumping in the pool and getting a brain freeze because it’s just too cold at first. So yeah, plan a day with your friends, bring some pool snacks, and get the wackiest pool floats for some cool summer shots. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the sun, catch a picture perfect tan, and a way to spice up the usual outings with friends.