122 Makes History As The First Egyptian Horror Movie To Screen In The US

It begins with a sweet couple sharing a mysterious sign.. all of a sudden, the camera moves to a spooky hospital where the couple wakes up at. Both are trying to survive the night there and get out of it alive. Seems like a good plot for horror movie, Right?

Well, this is the trailer of 122, the first Egyptian horror filmgoing in theaters with 4DX technology. It was recently posted on film’s official Facebook page

Iraqi Director, Yasir al-Yasiri is collaborating with Saif Orabi as producer and Salah El Gehiny as a writer on this film.

The director hit off his career on 2001 by directing music videos till he became of the famously known names in the field. 122  ishis third film. The first two were  Borrowed time (2018) and Murk Light (2012).

Moving to the highly talented cast; Tarek Lotfy, Amina Khalil,Ahmed al-Fishawy along with Ahmed Dawood are our main heroes. Also, Mohamed Mamdouh and Mohammed Lotfy are making appearances as guest-stars on the film.

On why is the movie is going to be shown in 4DX format, the director stated to EgyptToday that it would be the perfect way for audience to actually live the film experience and feel its effects from lightening, vibrations to flying objects. Such technology can improve the audience over-all experience to a large extent.

This isn’t the Yasiri’s first attempt with highly advanced technology. He was the first to film with the 360 virtual reality technique in the Middle East.

The film is going is to be released at theatres on Eid Al-Adha, so let’s start counting down and check its Facebook page for more catchy teasers.