5 Heartbreaking Movies That Are Eye Openers To The Issue Of Bullying

Years after years, generations after generations and the Bullying issue, sorry I mean the crime has been increasing every day all around us. That’s right a crime, it’s not a joke, destroying someone emotionally and psychologically is not a joke, pushing someone around is not a game. Making someone think that they’re worthless and completely destroying their self-esteem is the worst thing you can do. A physical scar can be treated by treatments and doctor apartments, but the psychological ones, the ones that are hidden deep under the skin are the tricky ones. To help open up your eyes a little, here are 5 heartbreaking movies that tackle this issue and its destructive after-effects.
1. A Girl Like Her (2015)
A Girl Like Her
After committing suicide and laying in a hospital bed hanging by a thread, Jessica’s best friend Brian breaks all the promises he made to her about keeping the harassment and the bullying she went through in her high school. You see Brian has something that will completely change everything, he has evidence of the things that happened to Jessica around every corner and in each empty hall of that school, and in order for you to know the whole story, you will need to press play and watch.

2. Bully (2012)
Bully is a shocking documentary that follows the lives of a bunch of students at schools in the US, shedding light on the suicide of two students, who committed suicide after being the target of bullying for a long time. The documentary shows in great detail the hardships these victims go through during this ordeal, and how their fear of speaking up or defending themselves against the bullies might end up costing them their lives.

3. Cyber-Bully (2011)
An eye-opener of the danger of today’s social media, and how teenagers lives are consumed and almost destroyed by it. Taylor’s life turns upside down when she becomes a target of cyber-bullying from a social media account. Turning her friends, and everyone she cares about against her, but what Taylor doesn’t know that the threat might be closer than she thinks.

4. Odd Girl Out (2005)
Odd Girl Out
Vanessa, a sweet and kind-hearted straight “A” student finds herself the odd girl out in her group of friends and becomes the subject of harassment and psychological torture on the hands of her two former best friends. Not understanding the reasons or the motives behinds this, Vanessa tries to maintain her sanity and balance her life in a world that demands teenagers to be perfect.

5. Table No. 21 (2013)
Table No.21
After winning their dream trip to Fiji, a married couple is offered a huge amount of money in exchange for participating in a game show. But what they don’t know that their worst fears and their darkest secrets are going to come to life and hunt them. And mistakes that they did in the past might not only cost them their relationship but also their lives.