4 Artistic Spots In Maadi To Brighten Up Your Daily Life

In small corners all around Maadi are little Art Galleries and Studios where the magic happens. A magic that is created by normal people like you and me using some of the simplest tools and equipment. These places are sanctuaries for many people who desire to escape their everyday routine and let out their creativity and imagination. So here are the top Art spots in Maadi that you should visit to get your mojo on.

1. Arcade
Founded by Layla Omar El Farouk and Amira Sobeh Elagroudi, these two extraordinary women came together back in 2017 and brought to life their love and passion for art in the form of a small exhibit where artists from all over can go and express their passion. The gallery offers several forms of arts, from photography and painting to sculpture. Arcade Gallery is located in 25 Orabi St. Maadi.

2. Beit El Sura
Beit El Sura
If you have a passion for photography and everything related then Beit El Sura is the place for you. Wanting to leave an imprint not only in Egypt but in the world, the place is not just a photography gallery, but also a studio, an outdoor workshop where they offer a variety of courses and workshops for both beginners and professional photographers. You can find them at Building 30, St. 15, Maadi at Sarayat Al Gharbeyah.

3. The Earth Gallery
Earth Gallery
Tucked away in a small street in Degla, you will find yourself transported into a new world once you step foot into The Earth Gallery. The Earth Gallery was founded by two Egyptian contemporary artists; Hoda Ismail and Mohammed Aref in 2011. Working their way up from street art until they successfully opened their own gallery, where they exhibit their own breathtaking work, as well as offering Art classes. You can visit them at 9, Road 231, Degla.

4. Salma Lotfy Designs
Salma Lotfy
A unique place for your artistic thoughts, Salma is an artist/designer, expressing herself and her clients through gold. That’s right you read it right! Salma has a Diploma in HRD, a diploma that lets you study everything related to Diamonds, and she created her own brand back in 2017. Salma sits down with her clients and makes their dreams come true through designing unique and one of a kind jewelry.

After showing that Maadi has the best food in town here, we decided to show that it also has the best art! Now tell us, where is your favorite place to you let out your artistic self?