Know when it’s time to let go of a toxic relationship.

Sometimes, love blinds not only your eyes, but your mind as well. You get to a point where you accept things you shouldn’t accept, and forgive certain actions that are cross lines! You keep giving and giving and giving, and receiving nothing but pain. You need to know when it’s time to walk away and let go of that toxic love.

1- When they always blame you for not giving enough.

Even though you do more than your best, for them, it’s still less than enough. In other words, less than what satisfies their needs. They leave you weary, thinking that you might actually not be good enough, that you must be perfect and exert tremendous efforts for satisfying them; thinking that this way, you’re acting like the “perfect partner”. But just a second, do they even do half of this effort? Think about that.

2- When they always turn tables on you.

Whenever you both fight together for any reason, they never accept being wronged or scorned, they act like they can never do something wrong, as if it’s not an option. Under any circumstance, you find them turning the table on you, making YOU feel guilty when they’re the ones who wronged you from the first place. Does it always end up with you being the bad person? Doesn’t sound logical, does it?

3- When you always wonder whether they love you or not.

You stay weary at night with endless thoughts and questions, wondering whether this person truly loves you or not. Their actions and words rarely satisfy you, the way they look at you, talk to you, treat you; are not even close to being enough, something is missing and you know it, despite trying to turn a blind eye on it. But you can feel it, you’re poorly and wrongly loved. Do you deserve this?

4- When you feel lonely despite their presence.

When you love someone, they’re supposed to make you feel less alone, they fill up your world, and just having them by your side, does all the magic. So how come you feel lonely without actually being alone? It means their presence serves no one but their own selves, but when it comes to you, it only feels like and empty room, not a home you reside to.

5-  you’re being mistreated/disrespected

It’s either you’re respected or not, this doesn’t have room for negotiations. Being treated poorly by any means, is a clear sign that you cannot stay in this relationship any longer! Once you accept on yourself mistreatment and disrespect, you lose not only your self respect, but a part of you as well is lost in the process.

6- When they keep repeating the same mistakes.

This is not only a sign for lack of appreciation and utter disrespect, but it shows that this person doesn’t even spare a minute of their time to think about what and what not makes you sad or happy. In their list of priorities, you come as last. You’re marginalised, because their comfort comes first. Stop giving endless chances to someone who have constantly proved to be unworthy of them.

7- When they take your for granted.

They’ve guaranteed not only your love, but your presence as well, and that made them lose the passion for making more effort. They actually even give less that what they used to and definitely less than what you deserve. Other than appreciating that love, they deal with it as if it’s a given right.
But I cannot stress this enough, you deserve to receive the love you keep trying to give. NOT LESS.

Love doesn’t supposed to be painful, it’s not a burden on the heart and soul.
Love is nurturing, love is alleviating.
Healthy love doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t break your bones and you shouldn’t be laughing about it like Charles Bukowski said. You should never accept being part of a toxic relationship that does nothing but feed on you, and leave you E M P T Y.
Real and healthy Love is not blind, it’s insightful.