Cairopolitan: A New Concept Store You Have To Check Out!

Throughout the busy life in Cairo, there were two artists who have been watching everything differently. They saw in Cairo what makes it different than anywhere else, and they didn’t stop there. They decided to make an icon of this town, where their imaginations of Cairo’s features would find a home.

In 2006, Ahmed Hefnawy and Mohammed Shennawy founded Cairopolitan after many years of remarking Cairo’s unique elements. They took product design to a whole new level when they saw a sketchbook out of the tickets book in public transportation, and a candle out of the famous Nabulsi Shaheen soap.

Check out our products now at Cairopolitan's design store!

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It took them twelve years to be fully ready to start Cairopolitan products shop. And finally on last Friday, 29th of June, the opening of the shop had taken place.

The shop is located in Garden City, where all their products are displayed. Moreover, you can buy the work of the best Egyptian contemporary artists in several fields; like illustration, painting and photography.

Plan your schedule for this week, and find yourself some time to pay a visit to this amazing shop! Buy yourself a new pencil case shaped as the famous Egyptian baladi bread and a new Rivo capsule pillow! For, more interesting creations, check their Instagram account.