Set It Up: Don’t Judge A Movie By Its Poster

If there’s a movie equivalent for the girl in your life who’s always been wonderful, but for socially constructed standards and expectations shaped up by Hollywood stars you’ve never really thought twice about her, until you do and you ask yourself why it’s taken you so long… Heavens, this is it!

Set It Up is an indie movie that’s been adopted as a Netflix original romcom. I can already sense you all rolling your eyes (and trust me, I’ve been there); there’s nothing about this movie that catches your eye from afar, the description’s boring, the trailer sounds a little bit like a cliche and the poster is the plainest design anyone could ever think of. Not to mention, who watches romcoms these days? It’s all the same story of boy-meets-girl, the same catchphrases with the same scenes. But this isn’t your usual romcom.

Sure, this isn’t a movie that captures your eye at first sight from afar. But it’s a movie that captures your heart effortlessly right from the intro.

This is a movie that’s smart, funny, light and absolutely adorable. The trailer doesn’t begin to do it justice. What makes it different from other movies is that it lacks the problematic twist that always follows up the main characters (cheating, emotional abuse, misogynistic habits). And I think the reason for that is that both the writer and the director of this movie are two incredible women! Katie Selberman and Claire Scanlon. The cinematography’s really pretty, the script’s faultless and the chemistry between the actors is everything a director could ever hope for. Even the character development is amazing.

Harper is a hard-working assistant with a big heart, a dorky attitude and an immense love for pizza and sports. Her one dream is to become a great sports journalist. Charlie is also an assistant for some big shot asshole, and he really really wants to get promoted.. but what he really is just some lost dork who doesn’t know what he wants to do yet. They both team up to set both of their bosses up together, but end up helping each other grow more.

If you’re falling in love, you should definitely watch this movie. If you’re falling out of love, this movie will probably help you realize why you are. And if you’re heartbroken, then wait it out until you reach the phase where you want to watch happy romcoms instead of sad chick-flicks. But either way, you will not regret this.

And finally, “You love because and you like despite.”

I like this movie almost as much as I love it.