5 Most Heartwarming Gestures in World Cup 2018


Yea football can break your heart (and other 90 Million ones’) but World Cups are always a chance to realize that although fans may gather from all over the world, we’re all made of the same matter, we’re humans. This World Cup was no exception as it witnessed lots of touching moments.

– “A heartbreaking photograph. 2 days before Nigeria Vs Iceland’s game, the Icelandic team posted a photo of them holding a T-shirt of Carl Ikeme’s name and number (1), Nigerian National Team goalkeeper who couldn’t be at the World Cup after he was diagnosed with Leukemia last year. They wished him recovery captioning the photo: “We’re all in Iceland with you, Ikeme.””


A Colombian fan helping out his deaf and blind friend to lively watch the game  and live the atmosphere using hand gestures.

“What the World Cup is all about”

Casemiro’s daughter accompanying him to Brazilian’s team training

Australian Mark Milligan on the grass crying with his daughters consoling him on being eliminated from World Cup.