Egyptians gathered in front of Mo Salah’s house in Madinaty on Thursday evening

On Thursday evening, a crowd of Egyptian fans gathered in front of Mo Salah’s house in Madinaty, which is a sign of expressing their love and admiration for the Liverpool star. The crowd got separated after the intervention of the police.

According to Major General Alaa Abdel Zaher, director of Cairo Civil Protection Department, that no vehicles nor violence were used to disperse the crowd.

Although it’s a huge invasion for the privacy and peace of the Liverpool and National Team star, Salah got out of the house to sign autographs for the fans.

Many people wondered how all these persons got to gather in front of his house. According to what has been published on Social media platforms, someone followed the star from Tagamo3 to his house and published the details of his address on a Facebook group.

The love that people have for Mo Salah is great, since he’s a huge role model for every Egyptian. But unfortunately, Egyptians are so extra when it comes to expressing their love towards someone, which leads them to invade their own privacy and forget the simplest rules of being ethic.

As social media has been split between two teams, a team agreeing with the gathering and the other condemning it, there were other people claiming that the photo of the gathering in front of the star’s house is a real-life remaking of a scene from the movie “Mother!”