4 places to get the best of your Summer goals!

As everyone is almost done with their finals, it’s time to prepare yourself for a productive summer since there are so many workshops you don’t want to miss!
We’ve gathered for you the best places to enjoy summer workshops in Cairo:


1- Darb 1718:

Darb 1718 is an Art & Culture center which is located in the heart of Old Cairo. It was founded in 2008 and since then it became a new favorite spot to many artists. The place offers several services; workshops, galleries, concerts and movies screening. This summer and as usual, Darb 1718 presents a variety of workshops that every handicraft artist would enjoy!
Check their FB page for more details.

2- Place Des Arts:

Place Des Arts is an educational center which focuses on different art fields; painting, writing, photography, music, film-making and more, through workshops and classes. The place is divided into four main sections; the classes, an art gallery, a music store and a coffee-shop. So if you live in Maadi go check their FB page now!

3- Studio Zat:

If you’re into film-making and theater then this one is for you. Studio Zat began its journey in 2015, by organizing acting workshops. Then it developed itself to include more workshops for other aspects of the field. Also, it offers acting workshops for children and teenagers, script writing  and casting and auditions services. Click here to find out more.

4- Beit Elsura:

To all the aspiring photographers out there, Beit Elsura will be your second home this summer. Beit Elsura is a photography school in Maadi. The school founders are the two photographers Ahmad Hayman and Reem Osama. It organizes photography and food styling workshops, photo walks and exhibitions. Through a short time it fulfilled a great success in the field of photography education and we highly recommend it. Check their FB page for more.

So pick your favorite place now and select your workshops for this summer!