Four Young and Extremely Successful Egyptian Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is someone takes risks, they’re often willing to go into an untraveled roads, explore their opportunities, fall a thousand times and wear the scars of their battles proudly when they finally make it to the top. Sounds hard, right? Yes, it’s definitely not easy trying to start something out of nothing, it’s even harder when you’re young, but it’s doable. It takes sleepless nights, sacrifices and an endless amount of passion, but the end result is totally worth it! Don’t believe me? Here are four of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in different fields.

  1. Mohamed Mekawy – Co-founder of Double Trouble Entertainment

Yes, he’s that guy spamming your timelines with videos of him doing anything under the hashtag #MekawyIsHere. Whether you find him funny or not, there’s no doubt that this guy has a success story to share. The Egyptian/Lebanese entrepreneur started doing videos at a very young age and he gained wide popularity among teenagers. Not long after, Mekawy starred in a TV show called el Mohayesoun. And within a couple of years, Mekawy had one of the fastest rising digital marketing agencies with his partner Nourhan Eissa. Today, Mekawy’s Double Trouble is handling projects for some of the largest names like Vodafone, Lipton,  Oppo and Sheraton.

2. Rania Ayman – Founder and CEO of Entreprenelle


A textbook definition of a powerful woman who decided to do everything she can to empower other women. Rania Ayman who’s only 25 years old is responsible for one of the largest women empowering organizations in Egypt. Entreprenelle held more than 70 workshops and five events all over Egypt. Rania aims to enlighten women, motivate them, and show them real life examples of ladies who have already reached their dreams. “The main idea behind SHE CAN is to help women and girls understand what entrepreneurship is, the opportunities that lie ahead of them in different fields, and how to transform their ideas into real projects having the required knowledge and experience.” Said Rania Ayman, founder of Entreprenelle.

3. Mohanad Kojak – Founder of Kojak Studio


Egypt’s most controversial fashion designer. Mohanad Kojak who started at a very young age and made it to Project Runway has become a fashion icon in the Arab world. His Kojak Studio designs are often seen on some of the brightest stars like Yousra, Dorra Zarrouk, Inji El Mokaddem, Nelly Karim and Jamila Awad. Whether you find his designs right for you or not, one can’t deny that Mohanad’s talent and passion have led him to where he is now. The young designer faced hate and cyberbullying more than once, but at the end of the day, people still feel better #WhenInKojak, right?

While we’re at it, make sure to check his #KojakFairytale because it’s so out of this world.

4. Amira ElGharib – Co-founder of Orcas

Orcas is a lifesaver for almost every parent. The website and mobile application provide parents with trusted tutors and babysitters, it also provides young adults with a simple way to get their hands on some cash by working for a few hours with Orcas. The best part about it is that the co-founder of such a big project is a girl in her late twenties! Yes, you read that right. Amira now handles one of the biggest projects in Egypt, in a very critical industry because we’re talking about children here, and it all started by finding a gap in the market and trying to fill it. Way to go Amira!

So, the next time you apply for a job and they say you need 50+ years of experience, show them that young people can do wonders!