Reports About Mo Salah Quitting the Egyptian National Team over Political Controversy with Chechnya and Egypt Denies

Earlier today, the CNN reported that Egyptian star Mo Salah is considering ending his international career by the end of the World Cup due to the Chechnya incident.

Salah, who is now considered one of the best players in the world after helping Liverpool reach the Champions League final, has been made an honorary citizen of the Chechen Republic by its leader Ramzan Kadyrov during a banquet held to farwell the Egyptian squad.

“Mohamed Salah is an honorary citizen of the Chechen Republic! That’s right!” Kadyrov wrote. “I gave Mohamed Salah a copy of the order and a pin at a celebratory dinner that I gave in honour of the Egyptian team.”

Image: AFP

That comes after pictures of Mo with Kadyrov have circulated the internet causing controversy amongst many users due to Kadyrov’s human rights abuses.

CNN also stated that their source has mentioned that the Liverpool forward feels exposed and that “he doesn’t wish to engage in topics beyond football or to be used for anyone’s political image.”

On the other hand, Ihab Leheita who manages the National Team of Egypy has denied what the CNN reported. He stated that Salah hasn’t informed anyone in the Egyptian FA about any intentions to leave the Egyptian National Team. Leheita added that the only reliable source of information is through Salah’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This is not the first time a clash occurs between Salah and the Egyptian FA. Back in April, Salah found his face being used next to the logo of telecommunication company WE without his consent. That was considered a breach of contract as Salah has signed an exclusive deal with Vodafone which happens to be one of WE’s largest competitors.

We truly hope the issue gets resolved because we just can’t handle losing MO!