Egypt scores 15 medals in the first two days of 2018 Mediterranean Games!

On the 22nd of June, the opening ceremony of 2018 Mediterranean Games took place in the city of Tarragona, Spain. The competitions have started on the following day and will on the 1st of July.

The Mediterranean games are held every four years between nations around the Mediterranean sea, to reach the number of 26 nations this year. The very first official Mediterranean games took place in Alexandria, Egypt.

So far, Egypt scores 15 medals to be ranked the 5th after Italy, Spain, France and Turkey.

  • The 15 medals are distributed into the following:

-In Weightlifting: (4 medals)
Ahmed Saad scores two gold medals in (men’s 62 kg), Moustafa Ibrahim scores a silver medal (men’s 69 kg) and Heba Saleh scores a bronze medal (women’s 48 kg).

-In Karate: (5 medals)
Malek Gomaa scores a bronze medal (men’s 55 kg), Ahmed ElAsfar scores a silver medal (men’s 84 kg) and Ahmed Ragab scores a bronze medal (men’s 84 kg). Giana Farouq scores a silver medal (women’s 61 kg) and Areej Rashed scores a bronze medal (women’s 55 kg).

-In Shooting: (2 medals)
Afaf ElHodhod scores a bronze medal (women’s 10 m air pistol) and Ahmed Qamar scores a silver medal (men’s trap).

-In Swimming: (4 medals)
Marwan ElKamash scores a bronze medal (men’s 200 m freestyle), Abe ElRahman Sameh scores a silver medal (men’s 50 m butterfly). Farida Othman scores a gold medal and breaks a new record (women’s 50 m butterfly). Also, she scores a silver medal (women’s 100 m butterfly).

After the huge success our champions have reached so far, we send our congratulations and support to them. And we hope the best for all the Egyptian athletes participating this year!