5 Out of This World Beaches That You Need to Visit in Egypt

It’s officially summer season, and almost everyone headed to the land where the partying never stops, aka, Sahel. However, some people just aim for nothing but a peaceful destination to relax, which is the extreme opposite of how the North Cost can be described nowadays. Lucky for those looking for more of a serene vacation, Egypt is full of beautiful destinations; you just need to know where to go!

  • Sataya/Dolphin Reef – Marsa Alam


This is a must go when in Marsa Alam. Sataya Reef is a place you can reach by yacht, you book a trip and get to enjoy lunch on the boat and swim with the playful dolphins in one of the most beautiful experiences one can go through. You also get to see the colorful coral reef with 100s of fish swimming around you.

  • Orange Bay – Hurghada


This place is heaven on earth and that’s not an exaggeration. Orange Bay is located in Giftun islands, Hurghada. You reach the place after a beautiful boat trip to enjoy a day of snorkling, swinging in the sea and a restaurant that’s literally located inside the sea water. If that’s not the textbook definition of serenity, I don’t know what is.

  • Pharaoh’s Island – Taba

A tiny island located in Sinai and surrounded by the clear red sea water. Pharaoh’s island, also known as Coral island, is one of the most amazing diving spots in Egypt. The island features Salah El-Din Citadel and from there, you get to see a stunning view of Palestine, Jordan and Saudi Arabia across the turquoise clear water.

  • El Nayzak – Marsa Alam
Picture via Port Ghalib
Picture via Port Ghalib

Another hidden gem in Marsa Alam. El Nayzak is a natural rock pool located in the red sea. It’s said that the place was formed after a meteor hit that area creating this breathtaking beautiful pool.

  • Ras Abu Galum – Dahab


The whole city of Dahab is practically designed to help you relax. However, this specific spot is so out of this world. Speak about a beach where you can dive or simply enjoy the water in the morning surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Sinai. But that’s not all, Ras Abu Galum is also one of the best camping spots in Egypt where you can just lay down at night to watch the stars, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll catch a shooting star!

It’s about time we all really #ExperienceEgypt.