6 World Cup Ad Campaigns You Have To Check Out!

After 28 years of absence from FIFA world cup, the Egyptian national team has finally made our dream come true and made it to Russia 2018. The current atmosphere is so full of enthusiasm and it is definitely the best season for advertising campaigns!

We’ve gathered 5 of the best World Cup ad campaigns for you to check out:

1- Pepsi Arabia:

Pepsi Arabia went the extra mile when it remixed some of the most famous sports commentators’ catch phrases in a very catchy tune. The ad shows diversity amongst Arabs and how each and every nation cheers differently. At the end of the day, no matter how different people allover the globe are, we all share one love during the World Cup, right?



Rexona’s ad is totally out of the box. While watching football matches, audience usually use their body language to express things they want to say, like using their hands to symbolize an act or a move. Rexona decided to make and alphabet for cheering (Abgdyet El Tashgee3) using Arabic alphabet. Beside the great idea, the illustrations for each frame are astonishing and their colors are light and so soothing.


Orange’s ad represented what all of us think we have, a coach inside each of us. To display the idea they created five different scenes for five Egyptian coaches, where the performers in each scene have a close face to each coach. They used a rhythem inspired by Madad Madad song by Mohamed Nouh. The featured coaches are Hassan Shehata, Taha Ismail, Farouq Gaafar, Hossam Hassan and Medhat Shalaby.

4- Vodafone IN:

Vodafone IN has made a new offer to help its customers keep up with the world cup online. And to bring out their offer, they made a story of a band who is trying to save money to travel to Russia but fail in the end. The featured band is the Egyptian band Massar Egbari, which added a special atmosphere in the ad. Vodafone IN has succeeded in adding a new favorite song to our list.

5- Head & Shoulders:

Since Head & Shoulders is a shampoo brand, they made a successful ad related to their field. The main idea of the ad is to cheer for the national team, despite your haircut or style. The song is so rhythmic and loud that makes you feel like you’re in the field already.


WE’s new ad is so rich of footballers, featuring players from older generations along with Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, Mohamed Elneny and Ramadan Sobhy. In the ad, the 90s national team is giving some advices ironically to Hector Cuper to play right and achieve victory. Maybe nostalgia is the best word to sum up the ad.


In the end, we wish our national team the best of luck, you’ve made us all proud already!