5 Egyptian Artists That You Need to Follow on Instagram

There’s long history between Egyptians and visual arts. For years, the pharaohs documented everything by drawing on walls, even the hieroglyphic language looked like art. Years have passed and everything has changed, but the one thing that remained constant is our undying love for art. For that reason, we decided to round up some of the best artists that you can follow to enjoy different types of art.

  • Muhammed Salah


His name is probably enough for everyone to love him. Salah is one of the most brilliant artists you can ever come across. Muhammed is known for merging beautiful skies full of stars into different situations leaving the viewers mesmerized by every piece he shares. He’s also known for drawing beautiful portraits of stars and some of the most creative campaigns that we witnessed, including bringing Disney princesses to Egypt.

  • Farahzada El Shihy

Advisor II

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Yes, she’s the girl who didn’t laugh at the How I Met Your Mother jokes on Romanceya Manseya, and she’s also that extremely talented artist who creates some of the best pieces your eyes can land on. Farahzada who is a traveler and an artist specializes in doodles that reflect the tribal and the African beauty.

  • Ahmed Raafat


This Egyptian artist is based in the UK. He’s one of the founders and the creator of the characters of the Egyptian superhero comic book, El 3osba. Raafat shares pieces of his work every now and then and it’s just pleasing seeing the gorillas, thugs and heroes he creates coming to life step by step. Those who are into comic books will definitely enjoy following Ahmed Raafat.

  • Mohamed Nasser

ابن الدادة #الوصية #sketch #illustration #comics

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Also known as Nasser Junior, he’s the one guy who can make you laugh at your own misery. Nasser who happens to be an engineer excels in drawing comics that just hit the right nerve about friends, college life and daily experiences. He’s also the guy who drew our favorite characters this Ramadan in the most creative way possible. Oh and if you love Batman then you’ll probably love Nasser’s work!

  • Rana Hemdan

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“Documenting the daily aesthetic.” is what her bio says, and she’s not lying. Rana Hemdan is another engineer, an architect to be specific, who specializes in making art. The Alexandrian based artist has an instagram account that is so relieving; from drawing to photography, it’s like going on a tour in the artist’s mind! Rana had held two exibitions so far and we can’t wait to see what this artist will do next.

Good luck spending the next couple of hours scrolling down these artists’ accounts.