Egyptian Young Actor Maher Essam Dies at the Age of 38

Egyptian young actor Maher Essam dies at the age of 38 after only one day in comma following a serious and a sudden brain hemorrhage.

Essam was suffering from a brain hemorrhage on Saturday and was immediately transferred to Imbaba hospital under the supervision of the Executive director of the Actors’ Equity associated Ashraf Zaki and his closest friend Hassan Eid who were both fully responsible of the young actor’s healthcare and were following his move to a private hospital.

Maher Essam had a long history with medical conditions, as this counted the third time for the Egyptian actor to suffer a brain hemorrhage.

In November 2014, Essam was in a terrible medical condition that many reports where saying it was a miracle for him to survive after an explosion in one of the brain arteries. However, after spending days in the Intensive Care, he was later transferred to a hospital outside the country where his medical condition was gradually improved.

Essam’s name was infamous for most of us, however his face is well recognized as the 38 year old actor had been on screens since his his early childhood in the years of 1985-86 where he had roles in three movies including one famous Adel Emam’s movie, Al Nemr w Al Onsa.

Our hearts and deepest condolences go to the family and friends of the young actor!