A List of Our Favorite Roles This Ramadan

Every TV show of this Ramadan has almost come to end, and it’s real that we’ve watched some great roles played by real great talents all over the Holy month. We’ve decided to list some of our favourite roles this year!

Ahmed Amin– El Wasseya


It’s no joke that is taking his career as a comedian to a whole new level. Ahmed Amin stole the show (and our hearts as well) with his well-played role as “Semsem Ibn El-Dada”. Adding the sarcastic personality to the nerdy character of Semsem with all these hilarious outfits just made his role one of the best.

Ingy El Mokkadem – Layali Eugenie


It’s no surprise that Ingy El Mokkadem can fascinate us, especially after driving everyone crazy with her final scene in “La Totfe2 El Shams” last year. But this year, she took us to another era, you can’t just not love the classy, chic and decent “Sophia” from Layali Eugenie. The independent working woman that is heartbroken waiting for her son to make back an appearance. With that perfect Italian accent and incredible talent, she deserves to stand out.

Amr Abdel-Gelil – Taye3


Amr Abdel-Gelil portraying the villain that’s killing all our favourite characters and ruining their lives in Taye3 should have made us hate him. However, everyone has been mentioning how he’s making them laugh despite his serious role. With his lowkey sarcasm and perfect accent, we can’t help but love him anyway.

Yasser Galal – Raheem


It is obvious why Yasser Galal’s series is probably one of the most watched and most talked about for the past weeks. From the first episode discussing his beard and style, till the very end praising his real talent. He broke everyone’s heart crying over the love of his life “Dalia” and the death of his beloved nephew “Ziad”. So what comes next from him?

Morad Makram – Laylali Eugenie


Morad Makram has been playing “Aziz”, the character of the man that has been controlled his entire life by his controlling and strict mother. Incredibly portrayed by “Laila Ezz El Arab”, she’s been the reason behind the lifeless life he’s living, and the reason why he never got married to the love of his life. Morad perfectly showed us the struggle of being this helpless man in every scene. Well done!

We can’t wait to see more great roles played by some real talents in the next years. Now you tell us, which role was your favorite this year?