Khalid Youssif’s “Karma” Is Banned From Cinemas Only Days Before Its Premiere

“Karma”, Khalid Youssef’s anticipated movie might not find its luck in Eid’s cinemas. Only days before its premiere and a day before the celebratory event, the license given to the movie is swiftly withdrawn due to “violation of terms”. The decision to ban the movie overrides all previous decisions and redeems the license given to it useless.


The official page announced that the movie will still show in Arab countries this Eid, and next month in the US, European countries and Canada.

Important to mention that the film embodies the first return of director Khaled Youssef to the cinema after a long absence; co-starring Amr Saad, Zeina, Ghada Abdel Razek, Khaled Al-Sawy, Sarah Tonsi. In Addition to Dalal Abdul Aziz, Majdi Kamel, Maher Salim, Sarah Nakhla and Mustafa Fahmy. Khalid Youssif’s last released film was in 2011, known as “Kaf Al Qamar.”

Director Amr Salama showed disappointment in a Facebook post stating such act doesn’t reflect the best image for artists and filmmakers about Egypt.

It remains unclear so far whether the ban will be removed or not. Regardless, it’s a disappointment best avoided for this year’s Eid’s competition.