’13 Reasons Why’ Officially Gets Renewed For a Third Season


On the back of the show’s major impact on the audience, Netflix has officially renewed the controversial series ‘13 Reasons Why’ for a third season. With an abridged teaser that left everything to imagination, the producers of the series have announced that the project is set to pick up where the concluding episode of season two has left off, and is scheduled to be released in 2019.

While most of the viewers have praised the relatable content of the show, some have criticized the profundity of its events and the explicit portrayal of the issues depicted in its episodes such as suicide, bullying and rape. However, all those who have eyed ’13 Reasons Why’ have agreed on acknowledging its distinguished format that had it edge out the conventionality and shallowness of its contenders in the Young-Adult genre.

On a similar note, it’s also worth mentioning that the first season was the only part that was based on the ’13 Reasons Why’ novel, which was originally plotted by Jay Asher. However, all the later content, including the impending third season, is structured on the projections of the show’s creator Brian Yorkey, who has taken it upon himself to prolong the original storyline to several seasons.