6 Things you Should Never Do After a Breakup

‘Breakups’ the worst and most feared part of any relationship, parting ways with a loved one was never easy and will never be. First, there’s the realization that it’s time to end it, then comes the hard part: how and when to do it, and what to say. And finally, the part after it’s all over when you know you need to move on and trust you have done the right thing. There are going to be painful moments, moments when you are gonna doubt yourself, question your decisions and question life at large. There are the moments where you need not to lose heart and know that you’ll move on, find a new lover and get on with your life.
There’s a long list of things not to do after a breakup so that it can help you heal faster, we’ve brought you the 6 most important tips.

1. Don’t ask mutual friends how they’re doing

The biggest mistake you can do is focus on how’s your ex doing and what he is up to in his life rather than focusing on your own. Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about how they are doing, instead do something that makes you happy and get in touch with who you are as an individual.

2. Don’t pretend everything is OK

Whining for weeks or months isn’t healthy, but neither is ignoring the pain and pretending everything is just fine. Be true to yourself, you can’t shorten the grieving process so take all the time you need, open up to a close friend or family member to help you in your healing process.

3. Don’t immediately try to be friends

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It’s hard to make a smooth change from being lovers to friends, if you want to give it a try don’t try until you’ve completely moved on and no longer have feelings towards them. You need to cut all ties immediately after the breakup until your wounds have completely healed.

4. Don’t isolate yourself

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You should have a social life, don’t isolate yourself after a breakup. You need to have your close friends around you for support even if you don’t think you are ready to see people don’t spend time alone and remember that you still have people out there who love and care about you.

5. Don’t stalk your ex on social media

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Preventing yourself from checking their Instagram or Facebook feed can seem pretty hard, that’s why it might be necessary to unfollow them on social media after breaking up to stop yourself from constantly checking what they’re doing and what they’re up to.

6. Don’t immediately start dating again

The first thing you need to do now is focus on yourself, your priorities, and your goals. Figure out what you wanna do next with your life, what’s something that you’ve always wanted to do but have been ignoring maybe it’s the right time for it now. Try new stuff and discover new aspects about yourself. But whatever you do, don’t start dating immediately to make your ex feel jealous, by doing that you’re letting them take control over your life from afar.

A breakup is not the end of the world. Things will fall into place in the right time, just be positive, get your life back in order and keep going, pal!