Adidas Releases ‘Creativity is The Answer’ Featuring Mohamed Salah, Beckham, and Messi

Image: Adidas

Ever wondered what an arena filled with the world’s best athletes, supermodels, musicians and creators looked like? Well, Adidas has brought that to life!

With the world cup approaching, Adidas gathered some of the most impressive creators in the world for its latest campaign, Creativity is The Answer.

The 56 a-list celebrities in the campaign go beyond soccer players. Adidas made sure its ad included performers, musicians, fashion icons, tennis players and more like Messi, Caroline Wozniacki, Karlie Kloss, Pharrell Williams, Lu Han, Jose Mourinho, and our favorite featured star; Mo Salah.

It’s the kind of ad where you should do your best not to blink because you close your eyes for a split of a second and you miss one big moment!

Throughout the 90 second video, Rapper A$AP Ferg acts as MC where he keeps reminding us that “Creativity is The Answer” repeatedly while freestyle soccer player Caitlyn Schrepfer plays alongside Mo Salah.

Ryan Morlan, vice president of brand communications at Adidas said: “We are co-creating our story of sport and creativity with our consumers by reacting and responding to their preferences, attitudes, passions and geographies. Athletes in New York will get a different experience from those in London.”

The ad ends with singer Pharrell Williams giving us the mic with the voiceover saying “It’s over to you”. This way, Adidas invited viewers to be part of the campaign by sharing their own content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #HereToCreate.

Will Salah ever stop making us proud? Probably not!