New Century Postpones the Release of ‘Torab El Mas’ to Eid El Adha

With Eid El Fetr just around the corner, news has been resurfacing regarding this season’s movies. After it was scheduled for release this Eid, the previously-stated screening date of the cinematic adaptation of Ahmed Mourad’s astounding novel Torab El Mas has been modified. According to El Fagr News, the producers of the long-awaited flick at New Century have officially announced that its release will be postponed to the cinematic season of Eid El Adha, which was a major letdown to all moviegoers, who have been counting down the days to eye the latest collaboration of the distinguished duo Ahmed Mourad and Marwan Hamed.

On a similar note, it was also announced that 3 other movies will step out of next Eid’s season in the wake of their stars’ engagement in other projects. These movies are Mohamed Ramadan’s El Diesel, Tamer Hosny’s El Badla and Youssef El Sherif’s Bani Adam.