6 of the Most Talented Fresh Faces That Are Killing It This Ramadan

Ramadan is all about family gatherings, good food, better desserts and mosalsalat all the way. And while the race gets fiercer for mosalsalat by the day, we couldn’t help but notice that it’s the young and the fresh faces who make a competitive edge this year, and out of everyone, those actors and actresses managed to stand out this season!

  • Ahmed Dash- Taye3

ِA few months after shining in Sabe3 Gar, Dash comes again with a new role in Taye3 where he portrays Fawaz, Amr Youssef’s younger brother. The role shows how Ahmed Dash is purely talented and how he matured greatly since his last role. Everything from the accent to his facial expressions was on point. With the help of a great director like Amr Salama, they managed to bring the character of Fawaz to life in the best way possible.

  • Amr Wahba- Kalabsh 2

Mostafa is an Israeli spy, but surprisingly, he doesn’t have thick eyebrows, looks like he’s about to throw up 24/7 and he doesn’t walk around saying ‘khabeebi‘ to everyone. If anything, we owe a thank you to Amr Wahba and the whole team of Kalabsh 2 for doing the role with ease and respecting the viewer’s mind. Wahba who’s known for his sense of humor managed to add a lot to balance the high tension of the series, people even started calling him the upcoming Ahmed Helmi! We expect that Wahba’s talent will take him places, but no matter how high he goes, we still demand Negoum Betheb Masr!

  • Asmaa Aboulyazid- Layali Eugenie

She’s out of this world! I personally wait for her scenes every night in Layali Eugenie. Asma who’s not only a great actress, but also a spectacular performer, will take you to a different era before even saying a word. The way she talks, moves and even looks will remind you of a Leila Mourad and a Roushdy Abaza kind of movie. The storyline of Galila, the girl chasing her dream and coming across obstacles is relatable to every single woman who aims to go the distance to achieve her goals and is faced by society all the time! Way to go Galila, we all support and love you.

  • Mohamed Alaa- Ekhtefaa’

Nader El Refaei is another person from the past. The artist stumbled upon Nassima and fell in love from the first sight, and before we know it, they were already married and their whole life started falling apart. Mohamed Alaa smoothly managed to deliver all the mixed emotions of fear, love, pride and confusion altogether. The chemistery between him and Nelly Karim is obvious and it adds to the beauty and complexity of their storyline. We just can’t wait to see what Seliman is going to do to our love birds next!

  • Tony Maher- Raheem

Who could ever know that the hilarious Tony from SNL bel 3araby had this talent hidden! Tony plays Raheem’s younger brother who’s often high, impulsive and totally not wise. Hesham is the complete opposite of Raheem; the kind of guy who needs a mentor around all the time, always in trouble and always lost. We all have a Hesham in our lives represented in a younger sibling or just a friend, Tony just reminded us that with all the problems they bring us, life just won’t be the same without them.

  • Mariam ElKhosht- Layali Eugenie

We loved her in La Totfe’ El Shams, and now we hate her with all our hearts. Yes, that’s how good Mariam ElKhosht proved herself to be. The radio hostess came this year to the Layali Eugenie world as Nabila, a snobby daughter of the rich hotel owner, Sedky. Unlike her role in La Totfe’ El Shams, Nabila is arrogant, we can even say evil, and she probably hates everyone in the world but herself and Aida. Perfect portrayal of the aristocrats in that era, Paya!