5 Distinguished Ads That Stood Out in Ramadan 2018


In addition to its delightful atmospheres and friendly gatherings, the holy month has always been supervising the peak of televised content with abundant productions available to binge. However, the significant abridgement of the TV shows’ runtime in the past few years has offered much room for advertisements to steal the show and even outclass most of the aired series during Ramadan, and this year wasn’t an exception. Thus, we shed light on 5 distinguished campaigns that have managed to stand out this season.

1- 500 500 Hospital

Many campaigns have centered their core on reviving nostalgic events on the screen, but only a few have managed to hit the spot like 500500 Hospital did with this year’s heartwarming ad. As they breathed life into the exceptional career of the legendary Ahmad Zaki with the astonishing vocals of Sherine, the ad has imbibed plenty of emotional vibes that were brilliantly utilized to deliver the campaign’s message, which had it top most of Ramadan’s commercials.

2- Magdy Yacoub’s Heart Foundation

Magdy Yacoub’s televised campaign this year is, indeed, a practical manifestation of the stunning outputs of the less-is-more orientation. Aided by the charming appearance of kids and some simple yet moving tunes, this ad has followed the steps of Yacoub’s former campaigns that took the marketing scene by storm with their lighthearted structure and lovable classiness.

3- Bank Misr

By melding vivid visual graphics and evocative audible tunes, Bank Misr had their say in this year’s fest with an inspiring campaign that was ably embellished by the vocals of Mahmoud El-Esseily and Mohamed Adaweya. The ad has picked up where the two former campaigns have left off under the same slogan ‘طلعت حرب راجع’ but with a top-notch portrayal that had it edge out its precedent projects.      

4- Vodafone

In the wake of the commencement of Ramadan, Vodafone has landed 3 brief advertisements just a few days before the kickoff of the holy month, featuring some of our very own artists and footballers. These ads, however, have paved Vodafone’s way to unveil their main campaign that was structured on such pre-Ramadan commercials, celebrating the long-awaited qualification of our national team to the World Cup. In addition to the project’s catchiness, the progressive approach that Vodafone has adapted to unfold their campaign had it become a strong contender in this year’s marketing competition.

5- Nescafe

Usually, ads with plotted dialogues have higher chances of clinching the audience’s praises over the musical ones due to their straightforward formats, as is the case with Nescafe’s campaign. As they highlight the daily dilemmas of academic students, these advertisements have managed to stand out for the relatable pillar they’re centered on, and this had it shine the most amidst the commercials of this year’s holy month.