Yousra, Ahmed Helmi, Mona Zaki and More Stars Pay Tribute To Ahmed Zaki in an Emotional 500 500 Campaign

Out of all the ads we’ve watched this Ramadan, 500 500 managed to standout greatly. They decided to make everyone cry for all the right reasons when it brought some of the brightest stars together to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite, Ahmed Zaki.

The campaign features Ahmed Helmy, Mona Zaki, Yousra, Sherine Reda, Haitham Ahmed Zaki and more Arab celebrities who were all affected by Ahmed Zaki one way or another. Sending the message via Sherine’s vocal cords, they stated that they came together not only to remember Zaki, but also to make sure that we don’t lose more lives to cancer.

Zaki who is still regarded as one of the greatest and most talented stars in the Arab world had lost his life after a battle with cancer in 2005.

Ahmed Zaki’s filmography is rich and none of his roles went unnoticed; until this very day nobody could come close to his portrayal of Al Sadat, and people laughs to his lines in El Beih El Bawab, El 3eyal Kebret and Madraset El Moshaghbin.

For years, we kept wishing that showing the pain of others in hospital and charity ads would stop, and marketers finally responded. Magdi Yaacoub, 57357, Resala and others now spread positivity rather than shred our hearts into ten million tiny pieces; the celebrity endorsement, the vibrant color and the happy tunes send a message that every donation you make changes someone’s life to the better.

We just can’t hold the tears! RIP Ahmed Zaki, and may we never lose a sould to cancer ever again.