7 Hottest Things in Ramadan 2018 So Far

It’s been 7 days since the beginning of Ramadan, and it’s real how much we give attention to all series, campaigns, drama roles and social media reactions. Here are the hottest 7 things that has been trending for the past few days!

#1: Raheem

809Since Yasser Galal has killed it in his series “Zel El Ra2ees”, it’s obvious why everyone was so keen to watch him this year, and he’s failing no one. Everyone is literally talking about his role, his beard, his jump, his fake friends,…,etc. Raheem is currently on the most watched list.

#2: Layali Eugenie
Because no one will ever get over the beauty of old days! Layali Eugenie takes us back to the days when everyone was classy, stylish and decent. The series, with the background music, intro song, all the cast and every detail is simply aesthetic. Asma Abu El Yazid is killing the game with that playful role. Ingy El Mokadem, with that Italian accent that she learnt in only three months, is turning heads on how beautiful her role is.

#3: Ekhtfa2
When wasn’t Nelly Karim killing the game? This year with a strong storyline and extreme flashbacks! All this with Hesham Selim, the fresh face Mohamed Alaa and the talented Mohamed Mamdouh that never fails to amaze everyone. To add to this combination, Basma comes back with Ekhtefaa to be the cherry on top of the cast.

#4: Bakri Kabakibi’s Netflix Campaign

Bakri has been killing it with his daily episodes with Sarrah Abdel-Rahman posted everyday on Netflix’s Facebook page. The duo tells us some of Netflix’s famous shows in a Shahrazad and Shahraiar style. Alf Hala’a w Hala’a is written and narrated by Bakri Khaled Kabakib, and apparently only this man can transform 13 Reasons Why into El Nadaha! You wouldn’t want to miss such funny videos!

#5: Amr Wahba in Kalabsh

Who hasn’t been rooting for this man to have a role this Ramadan? We’re never getting enough of Amr Wahba’s sarcastic comments! This is probably one of the coolest portrayals of an Israeli spy.

#6: El Waseya

A mix of two of our favorite comedians right now: Ahmed Amin and Akram Hosny together are something else in a story by the comedy scriptwriter Ayman Wattar. Did anybody else notice that just like ElNoweirys own Ebbo, ElKoweirys own Shamedan? *Wink wink*

#7: Baby Hair?

It’s been on social media everywhere that Konafa is now named Baby Hair and it’s driving everyone crazy.. But have you seen anyone really saying it, or is it just a trend to make a joke?

Other big trends took over our timelines in the past week. Mounir and Dhafer L’Abidine had their share of memes and posts after their Orange ad, and well, the list of trends during this week is endless! Everything about Ramadan will always be things we pay attention to. Now you tell us, what’s the hottest trend so far?