5 Kinds of People You Meet in Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is finally here, with all its spirituality, its rituals, its mosalsalat, and its grumpy morning faces. As much as we love this month, people find it hard to cope without some of their essentials, or maybe it’s some kind of ‘avwara’, but there are some characters that almost everyone faces in a Ramadan morning.

  1. The one who can’t make it without coffee


Yes, we get it. Morning coffee is important, but biologically speaking, you won’t ever die without it. So please drop the grumpy face, the insults and the rudeness because as a human being, you’re designed to casually function without coffee.

2. The one who wouldn’t work all month long


They’ll go to their jobs and sleep on the desks. They’ll do the same thing every day over and over again. We do know how tiring it is to be fasting, but believe me, the country can’t take a whole month break with the current economic instability.

3. The one who never missed a mosalsal


They spend the whole month on their beds with their eyes fixed on the screen. They know every mosalsal, every ad, every tiny detail, they even know where Amina Khalil gets her nails done. Tell them we’re going out and they’ll start panicking because that will mess with their tight schedule that’s designed to fit 24 hours of series so they wouldn’t miss a thing.

4. The one who has anger issues


Mainly because they’re dying for a cigarette, or it’s just another form of ‘avwara’. Some people will literally lash out at any person, whether at work or home, they’ll just be screaming around until Athan el Maghrib. Some are even non-smokers so it’s not entirely about nicotine. The lack of food and thirst may be frustrating, but that’s no excuse to be shouting all day long at your kids and clients sir/madame.

5. The one who thinks they’re on a mission impossible


Fasting is a thing that muslims have been doing for decades, literally. Your body is designed to cope without the food and the water from sunrise till sunset, and you’ve been doing that for years! Putting aside all the facts, people just choose to rant and state that what we’re doing is impossible and intolerable. Believe me, it’s tiring for all of us, but it’s not impossible.

Just try to enjoy the holy month because it’s probably the most peaceful time of the whole year!