Marwan Younis Takes Over NRJ’s Radio Station This Ramadan In “Marwan Gana”

Picture via Filfan

NRJ announced parts of its plan for the holy month of Ramadan in which they include everyone’s social media star, Marwan Younis.

Marwan is set to present a show called “Marwan Gana” in his first radio experience. The show will be featuring his own mother in some episode and it’s a duo that EVERYBODY needs while fasting.

It’s worth mentioning that Younis had a series of webisodes that were posted on Facebook last Ramadan and it gained high popularity among his followers.

Under the slogan “Ramadan needs NRJ not drama“, NRJ announced that their Ramadan plan includes multiple figures and a wide variety that will make the listeners entertained during Ramadan nights.

Now Ramadan will be funnier than ever with Begad Man entertaining us from Sunday to Thursday from 3-4 and we most definitely wish to see him in a Ramadan mosalsal 29.