5 Astonishing Movies that Have Actually Managed to Foresee the Future


Cinema is a flabbergasting craft. Through its diversified genres, such industry has always been beguiling its audience with enticing experiences that tickle their emotions, thoughts and beliefs. However, the essence of movies resonates when filmmakers take it upon themselves to infuse their frames with cutting-edge ideas that manifest their insightful notions, especially when examined by future generations. Thus, we shed light on 5 mesmerizing flicks that have conveyed their creators’ brilliance to the screen with their depictions that have managed to successfully predict the future.

1- Blade Runner

In addition to taking the whole Sci-Fi genre by storm back in 1982, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner has marked a major milestone in the evolution of the cinematic visual experience, and stepped up the structure of complex characters and layered plots. Also, this all-time classic has witnessed the first depiction of the electronic voiceover command, which was later developed in today’s smartphones.

2- 2001: A Space Odyssey

Although he has made a name for himself as a controversial filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick had a knack for seeking excellence, which aided him to supervise a handful of time-transcending flicks that spoke of his savvy notions. His filmography was brimmed with out-of-the-box productions, topped by 2001: A Space Odyssey that introduced 1968’s audience to the electronic tablets and video calls, which paved the way for the development of iPads and Skype.

3- Back To The Future

Adventurous movies have always managed to find their way to the hearts of moviegoers, whose fervent ardor for such productions kept escorting them to the top of the Box Office’s grosses. However, it was the Back To The Future’s trilogy that set the standards of this genre. Additionally, it has foreseen the evolution of 3D movies and wireless games, which are the prevailing source of entertainment nowadays.

4- Star Trek

Prior to their current vivid form, the Sci-Fi productions have been undergoing some major tweaks in their core that shaped their modern exquisite structure. Such developments have kicked off back in the sixties with 1966’s Star Trek TV show, which was the audience’s first actual handshake with the sceneries of spaceships, cosmic atmospheres and space costumes. Furthermore, this show has also featured the debut of talking computers and vocal operating systems, which are now being integrated in the iPhones under the moniker Siri.

5- Total Recall

Back in the nineties, when the outdated VHS was the state-of-the-art source of entertainment, Arnold Schwarzenegger was busy envisaging the future through his flick Total Recall. Throughout its plot, the 1990 film has portrayed plenty of futuristic gadgets that had the viewers bewildered while gazing at such inventions through their vintage TV screens. However, this film has actually managed to foretell the evolution of self-driving cars that are being examined nowadays in Europe and America.