A Businessman Commits Suicide After Murdering His Wife And 3 Kids In Al-Rehab city

(Photo: Al Ahram Arabic gate)

In the early hours of this Sunday morning, Al-Rehab Ccty witnessed an abhorrent crime in its quiet streets. The businessman, accused of erecting and seizure of millions of pounds, is a runaway from the judicial rulings.

The police received calls from terrorized neighbors after the loud resonating of shots in the villa where a quarrel had occurred. Upon arriving, police found 5 bodies lettered on the floor. The gun used was beside the businessman and had been confirmed as the weapon of crime.

Initial investigations, after hearing the neighbors of the victims, confirmed that the businessman had killed his wife and three children due to his high financial distress and the seizure of large sums of money from the citizens. The accused had resorted to renting a villa in Al-Rehab city, to be away from the eyes of the police, so as not to be hunted by the owners of the money seized from them.

Moreover, the New Cairo Prosecution ordered the bodies of the deceased to be transferred to the morgue to uncover the elements of the crime. The prosecution ordered the seizure of the confiscated weapon and called witnesses to the prosecution’s offices.