Cairokee Finally Return to their Throne with Cairokee Empire

Cairokee has announced the return the long awaiting concert, Cairokee Empire, on the 11th of May after several cancellations to the expected to be one of the largest concert to ever be held and the biggest for their band

The Maadi based band has been living the dream for several years now, obviously dominating the playlists of the youth in Egypt. Earlier in December, Cairokee started their campaign of Cairokee Empire that was expected to be held on the 8th of December and after announcing it’s return on the 22nd of December, again all hopes went down and the concert was officially cancelled resulting in all the disappointed fans visiting the tickets venue for refund


Nothing was officially announced around the actual reason behind all the cancellation mess, however the second time the band claimed that the concert will be ‘postponed’ due to the unavailability of the venue as the funeral of the victims behind the Aresh attack was scheduled to be held there

For now, the concert is still on! The place is not yet officially announced nor the tickets sale but who’s not excited?!