Zap Tharwat Is Finally Back With A New Album

After years of preparations and recording, Zap Tharwat has finally decided to drop his new album Al-madina with the great producer Sary Hany. The rapper’s latest single was a year ago along side the actress Amina Khalil reached 15 million views on Youtube.

The talented rapper dropped the album yesterday night on his Youtube channel and it’s everything that we’ve been waiting for. You can notice that the songs are a reflection of Zap’s real life and you can easily feel the mixture of different emotions while listening to them.

Zap and Sary decided to collaborate with many great artists as Ingy Nazif, Sherif Al-Hawaary, Amir Eid, Hany El Dakkak, Tarek El-Sheikh, Mahmoud El-Esseily & Hamza Namira.

Everything about the album, starting from the lyrics to the music is perfect.