Egyptian Student Poisons himself after playing Blue Whale

A sixth-grade student died in Al Beheira governorate on Thursday after poisoning himself while playing the last level of the Blue Whale suicidal game, Al Ahram reported.

The boy arrived in Nile Delta hospital suffering from phosphoric poising after he injected himself with poisonous grain-storage tablets as ordered by the game.

The sign of the blue whale was engraved on the boy’s arm which is a known task assigned by the game to all its players.


This is the second death in Egypt as a result of the Blue Whale game, the first was that of the 18 years old son of former Egyptian MP Hamdy El Fakharany, who was found hanging in his home in Gharbeya governorate on the 2nd of April.

Blue Whale was first created by a Russian 21 years old student, Philipp Budeikin, who was arrested and sentenced to three years imprisonment. The games is also known as “A Silent House”, “Wake Me Up at 4:20am”, and “A Sea of Whales”.

The game starts off with giving the players simple tasks as waking up at odd times in the night and watching horror movies, then gradually graduates to self-harming tasks and finally killing oneself.