Tri-City Photo Marathon: 10 hours capturing moments around 3 cities simultaneously

On the 21st of April 2018; Cairo, Ramallah and Copenhagen will have a productive day for photographers. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, prefer digital or analog, this is for you!

The Photo Marathon has been organized in Egypt, Palestine and Denmark several times before, and every time it gets more interesting and influences more people. This year it’s settled to take place in the three countries in the same day, particularly in Cairo, Ramallah and Copenhagen. This year’s slogan is “10 hours, 10 themes, 3 countries”, as the total time for photography will be 10 hours, about 10 different themes in the 3 countries. Also, the themes will remain undercover until the day of the marathon, and they will be the same for the three countries too.

The idea is organised as following; for Cairo, on the day of the marathon photographers will gather in any of three starting points which are Photopia, Megawra or Contemporary Image Collective – CiC , there they will pick up the first 4 themes to take photos according to. In the afternoon, they’ll be back to any of the three mentioned places and have a break and pick another 6 themes, to have a total of 10 themes provided throughout the day.

The winning images will be announced on the 5th of May and selected by a jury of three recognized photographers. An exhibition of 40 winning photographs will be held from the 8th of May to the 29th of the same month at Contemporary Image Collective – CiC.

The marathon is organized by The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) in collaboration with International Media Support (IMS) in Denmark, The Danish House in Palestine and Contemporary Image Collective in Egypt.

*online registration is a must to attend the marathon, but it is closed for now and you can register on the day of the marathon at one of the three starting points only from 9:00 to 9:30 in the morning*

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